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  • H-Budapest, 1221, Anna utca 4.
  • K: 16-22, W: 16-22, Th-Fr: 14-22, Sa-Su: 10-22


Race yourselves on 10 high-tech simulators, online, simultaneously, all at once at RaceCenter.

All simulators features the same, so everyone has the same chance to win the race. All sims are equipped: 3 x 27" FULL HD monitors with panoramic view, racing car seats, F1 steering wheels, force-feedback, earphones. 10 simulators are available for booking.
Friends can watch the race on an extra monitor.

New! VR car-racing simulator
Virtual Reality simulator at RaceCenter with VR glasses! We can even deliver it to your house AND to your company. Drive in 3D and look around in 360 degrees! More info about the VR simulator >>


  • Height limits: 125-210 cm. Advised age: 7-99 év.
  • We arrange a small cup for you and your friends (no extra fee), in case of full room rental with 10 sims.
  • In case of more than 10 racers, we make several rounds, but each can play the same time.
  • You can race in different categories: Formula1, Formula2000, GT sport and tour cars, old-timer, trucks...
  • Try different tracks: Hungaroring, Monaco, Silverstone, cities or off-road tracks... Cars and tracks >>
  • You may ask for medals, as well.
  • 100+ tracks, and 20+ cars
  • You can play one of the best car-racing software: rFactor2.
  • We can set up different technical issues for you, like whether, degree of help, etc.
  • Typical cup: first practice, then qualifying and finally race.
  • You can take a look at your race afterwards, as well. You can also have a look at the final racing times and scores: Liveracers webpage
  • You get a short trainig how to use the sims: How to use the sims?
  • You may watch many videos on our YouTube channel.



The Simulator Center is an exciting and unique place. Unique, because this is the only car-racing sim center is Central-Europe. Exciting, because you can race yourselves on 10 sims, even with a small cup. Why would you travel to London, if you can get it here in Budapest for much less?

Racecenter is located in the downtown of Budapest. It is 240m2 and has three parts: the Simulator Room, the Bar and an extra Party-room. The Simulator Room and the Bar is in the same level, not separated, so bigger companies, like 40-60 people may have a good party here. The Party-Room offers you a good option for celebrating the birthday, having fun separately. 60 people are welcome here, all together.
It is located in the 5th district, in the center, easy to access from either Jászai square or Nyugati square (Western railway station), 4-5 minutes walk. Also easy to park here.


  • any program, event, fun with friends and families (even for bigger companies, 10-20 persons, or just 1-2 guys, as well).
  • kids' birthday parties
  • adults' party, bachelor parties, birthdays
  • team-buildings
  • off-site fun - we deliver it to your place
  • our Drink&Drive package, because this is the only place where you can DRINK & DRIVE.
  • giving gift-vouchers to your friends or family.

  • "This is a good place to refresh your batteries. You can practice driving old, new F1 cars, GT cars, Race Truck. Show of your driving style. I was member of some cup racing last year, made 2 podiums. Great feeling! Wish I could spend more time to be in Race Center. Where is the time is not on your side!"

  • "Great fun for racing enthusiasts! What a thrilling experience - must be addictive. Great simulators, great crew: just try it, there must be a racing car driver in you too! Test how you drive after a few shots... This is the only place where it is legal. Easy parking after business hours."

  • "Probably the best and cheapest way to get a professional F1 driver - almost. Very good and professional set, very good simulator, big screens and everything. Very funny if you think that you are a F1 pilot. Drive against the real F1 drivers in good and safe surroundings. Located very close to the city center. Go there and have fun."

  • "My friends and i both visited the Race Center, and went for the 2 hour ride together. That was good competition for us. We both enjoyed it very very much. The staff was helpful and it began right on time. I will definitely go again."

  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Scitec Nutrition
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers
  • Huawei
  • ScaniaHungaria
  • ExxonMobil
  • Cargorent
  • Ericsson
  • Ateknea
  • BayerConstruct
  • Astra Biztosító
  • LM Land
  • SCA Hygiene
  • Sberbank
  • 3M Hungária
  • IT Services
  • CoolTech
  • Ghibli
  • TransSped
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